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100% waterproof Microcement

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100% waterproof Microcement

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Microcemento 100% Impermeable

CimentArt with a lot of effort has created the first 100% waterproof Microcement Ready to be use. 

Each day the microcement is more demanded, and every day in the market are more product called “microcement” which are not. The end result with these products is problems and no guarantee. Ask the professional about the quality of the microcement. 

Is a micro-mortar is composed of minerals, polymers, arid, resins, colorings special additives waterproof. 

Thanks to the experience and the evolution of the products – CimentArt Microcement SL have developed the first and only WATERPROOF Microcement, for indoors and out Doors, showers, floors, walls, toilets etc. ready to be use with a high quality.   

Is microcement ready to be use, completely waterproof, with hardness and qualities that no other microcement possess. It has a high worn-out resistance. It can be use over any kind of support that has been regularized, either absorbent or not. Fast application and natural cement effects. Does not require much expertise.  

CimentArt iCem Aqua is part of the iCem Products (Innovation Cement) a Group of micro mortars ready to be use, developed by CimentArt. Allows fast and clean works, with really aesthetic finishing, and does not require much expertise on the application of this type of products.